Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Leo

Venus and Mars Combinations

Heartfelt and Sexual Styles

Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Leo


Your Venus is in an Air sign, and your Mars is in a Fire sign.


Venus in Air, Mars in Fire (Romantic Air, Fiery Desires): You are a young, vibrant, wise, and energetic lover, and you will generally be drawn to partners with also enthusiastic qualities. Your brain must be invigorated in heart issues, yet you additionally feed on heartfelt energy. leo sign


You esteem being companions with your partners just as lovers. You offer your partners a specific degree of opportunity to be what their identity is, and you like something similar consequently. You want a specific measure of the room—the opportunity of development, both actually and intellectually—in any relationship, and you could do without prohibitive or possessive partners.


You react most affectionately to verbal articulations of interest and warmth, and you are a lively and unconstrained lover. You are switched off by partners (or likely partners) who are hush, ailing in suddenness, or any case, dull. You can be a real tease. However, you typically can follow through on your guarantees!


Your partners think that you are enthusiastic, keen, and fun. Sexually, you are guiltlessly excited, and you, some of the time, should be urged to dial back! You can excuse love and sentiments partially, yet when your enthusiasm is stirred, you genuinely get moving.


Venus and Mars in inverse signs: You will quite often see-saw between needing closeness and opportunity in your cozy relationships. You battle to adjust your necessities and the requirements of your partners.


Subsequently, you will quite often have love-disdain relationships with your lovers! You improve in your relationships when you rest easy thinking about yourself; then, at that point, you can advocate for yourself in more agreeable ways. You don’t generally have the foggiest idea of what you need in love relationships, even though you’re attracted to relationships like a moth drawn to. You are lively and appealing, sexual, and refreshing.


All the more specifically: Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Leo: You’re free and somewhat standoffish and very sensible from one viewpoint, and involved, blazing, and thinking about things he is following. It can be difficult to peruse in love, therefore.


Some Famous People with this Combination: Quentin Tarantino, Elle MacPherson, Kristen Schaal, William H. Aces.


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